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September 10, 2013
by Steve Pearl

Apple’s “Big” iPhone 5C/5S Announcement Hits and Misses

I’m so glad I dumped my Apple stock when it hit $600.00.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still think Apple makes killer products.  Nobody, but nobody, is better at basic industrial design and a rock-solid consumer ecosystems than Apple.  If you want the most elegantly designed, longest-lasting, most functional, personal computing tool on the market, the odds are it’s going to be an Apple product.

Every time someone asks me, “What should I buy?  A Mac or a PC?” my answer is easy.  If you want the most durable, easiest to use, best designed laptop on the planet, grab a Macbook Air.  Light.  Long battery life.  Blazingly fast.  Durable.  You’ll still be doing great work on it 7 years from now.  Spend more, enjoy more.

I can’t say the same for ANY other major PC manufacturer except Lenovo.  I’m in LOVE with my first-gen Lenovo Yoga 13.  (I’m typing this on it now.)  And from what I’ve seen of the Yoga 11s and the second gen Yoga 13, I think Lenovo has hit the sweet spot in the competitive laptop marketplace.  The Yoga line actually makes Windows 8 appear – dare I say it – usable.

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