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August 6, 2011
by Steve Pearl

Making Meetings Matter 1: “The Fly On the Wall”

"Don't you wish that you could be
A Fly on the Wall
A creepy little sneaky little
Fly on the Wall
All my precious secrets, yeah, 
You'd know them all
Don't you wish that you could be 
A Fly on the Wall"

(Miley Cyrus, "Fly on the Wall")

Being the "Fly on the Wall."

"How" we meet has an enormous impact on the success of our teams and our organizations.  Judging by what I have seen over the years, we are not equipping tomorrow's leaders to "do" meetings.  More often than not we set our meetings up to fail by failing to set them up.  This cycle of failure starts with a lack attention to the subject of meeting planning and leadership in college and persists as bad habits are amplified in the high-stakes environment of the corporate boardroom.

Colleges and universities make Camus required reading, a subject that most students will forget the day they leave the campus with their diploma.  Why do we put them through the exercise?  Reading the works of great authors allegedly broadens the student's mind.

Most colleges won't, however, require even a one credit workshop in a subject those very same students could use every day of their professional life; planning and leading an effective meeting.

Go figure.

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