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July 24, 2011
by Steve Pearl

Yo Disney! Thank You for Great Comedy!

Yes, I am admitting that this middle-aged husband and father of three watches the Disney Channel.  Truth be told, I am having more laughs watching the Disney Channel than I get watching just about any show on the big four networks.  Wanna hear another confession?  I even watch this stuff when my kids AREN'T in the room!

What's up?  Why am I admitting this weakness?

'Cuz it's time for someone to praise the Disney Channel for producing some of the best sketch and sitcom shows on TV.

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July 17, 2011
by Steve Pearl

CBS Hits a Home Run with Scott Pelley as Anchor

I must be getting old.  The fact that the AARP managed to track me down at our new home in Delaware and send me a packet of membership materials must signify some kind of passage to the downhill side of a life-long journey into the twilight.

(Side note to the AARP…  I haven't hit 55 yet.  I'm getting there, but cut me some stinkin' slack, okay?)

I actually feel as young today as I did 20 years ago, probably younger.  I'm still hitting the treadmill every other night, I still sprint across the parking lot from time to time like an over-aged nerd, and I still love a good, brisk, bike ride on occasion.

So I'm not sure what it says about me when I draw the following comparison between CBS' new anchor of its nightly news broadcast and a genuine legend of the craft who left the chair nearly 27 years ago.

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