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May 31, 2011
by Steve Pearl

“Another Year Wiser…”

I celebrated my latest birthday last week.  (49th, in case you were wondering.)  It's funny, I really don't feel any older.  I think it was actually my birthday in some alternate universe somewhere and we just celebrated it here in this space-time continuum.

(Okay, I admit I watched a little too much, "Star Trek" as a child.)

Celebrating the event was a huge blessing in a lot of ways.  At the end of the day Leah, the kids, and I got together for Blizzards and other tasty grub at the Bear, Delaware DQ Grill-n-Chill.  It was the perfect birthday present to cap off the day, packing on the pounds with the family.

BTW…  To Mr. Don Graham, you run a really nice establishment at that Grill-n-Chill.  Good people, high-quality food, great time!

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