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July 28, 2010
by Steve Pearl

Where There’s Smoke… It Might Just Be A Smoke Machine – Part I

(Editor's Note: This is Part I of a multi-part series offering a new take on the age old question, “Who do you trust?”  When selfish motives often lurk in the shadows, how can you really know whether spoon-fed “truth” is really “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”?”)

Help!  I'm Stuck in the “Spin” Cycle!

When you spend the bulk of your adult life working in and around the advertising industry, you tend to absorb a thing or two about the art of “spin.”  Call it effective product positioning, building a memorable brand identity, or whatever you wish.  Understanding your target audience and knowing how to leverage just the right communication mix to reach and motivate that target audience plays an enormous role in bumping up sales, salvaging a damaged reputation, destroying a competitor, or convincing people that eventual rewards outweigh short-term costs.

Or, as the old song goes…

“You gotta ac-cen-tuate the positive…  E-lim-inate the negative.”

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May 10, 2010
by Steve Pearl

iPhone -vs- Droid Incredible: Different Audiences, Similar Results

After carrying the Droid Incredible around as my primary phone for more than two weeks, I think I can finally give a pretty fair assessment of whether this thing is truly an iPhone killer or whether it is just an "incredible" device that is really intended for a whole different audience.  I am leaning toward the latter for reasons that will become clear in a moment.

First, some background.

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April 30, 2010
by Steve Pearl

Marketing 101 – How Verizon Botched the Droid Incredible Launch

For all the advance hype surrounding the new HTC Droid Incredible on the Verizon network, you wouldn't have known it was the "next big thing" by the way it was actually promoted and launched.  Verizon could learn a thing or two from Apple/AT&T about how to hype, market, and launch a shiny new technology toy that everyone really should want.

About a week ago I was visiting the Verizon Wireless corporate store in Montgomeryville, PA.  Though there are two corporate stores closer to our offices, it's been my experience that the one in Montgomeryville is the creme de la creme, the place all the top reps land.  These folks know their stuff, whether it's in-depth knowlege of the equipment itself or the finer points of manipulating plans and discounts to meet the needs of the customer.

So when one of the sales reps told me, more than a week before the official launch date, "You wanna see the Droid Incredible?  I have one back in the shop…", I jumped at the chance.  It was clear to me that the HTC Droid Incredible finally fulfilled the hope many of us had for the Motorola Droid when it launched last week.  It certainly bested the lame, AT&T-tethered, Motorola Backflip, which AT&T heavily promoted for months leading up to its launch.  (The Backflip is so strange, so ergonomically off-putting, most of us in the geek community have taken to calling it the "Motorola Faceplant.")

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